Executive Team

Javier N. Solis, President & CEO

Javier Solis Executive Team Los Taxes

“New York City 2014 Small Business Person of  the Year”

Javier left Ecuador in 1989 and attended the City University of New York. The first book he read there was the IRS Publication 17 and he started his first income tax returns with families during the 1990 tax season. In 1994, Javier became a Constituent Liaison to the New York State Senate where hebecame adept in assisting constituents resolve their issues through persistent advocacy and courteous follow-up.

Javier’s experience in advocacy and negotiating complex bureaucracies prepared him well to help homeowners at risk of losing their homes and their dreams with two of the largest Homeownership Counseling Programs in New York.  With the utilization of loss mitigation tools and following HUD, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac’s guidelines, Javier was able to stop foreclosures, reach forbearance agreements and fight for loan modifications for over 1,000 homeowners.  Javier became passionate and grew knowledgeable about sub-prime lending issues, Home Mortgage Disclosure Data (HMDA), and bank performance according to the Community Reinvestment Act.  Javier developed the curriculum for a series of five educational Homebuyers’ Seminars.  Javier had become an advocate on behalf of first-time home buyers, and an outspoken critic of unprofessional and questionable practices by those involved in the home buying process.   Javier’s expertise and knowledge has been featured on Channel 9, NBC-Telemundo-Channel 47, Univision-channel 41, the Christian Vision Radio and several newspapers.  As part of his commitment to financial education, Javier has been a volunteer host of the biweekly Noticiero 47’s segment “Su Casa” and the weekly program “Casa y Finanzas” at NBC-Telemundo for 13 years.  He also serves as the Treasurer and Executive Board member at the New York City Hispanic Clergy Association for Justice, Inc.  Javier serves as volunteer guest speaker to several community organizations in several states.

In 2007 Javier launched Los Taxes, the First Latino Network of Tax Centers in America.   Los Taxes focus is on providing excellence in tax preparation service to the Latino community.  “Para Nuestra Gente,” For our People, states the company’s commitment to meet the financial needs of Hispanics, especially in the area of tax preparation, by offering an office environment where Hispanic taxpayers can find professionals who understand not only their language but specifically their culture.

After 6 years of happy marriage, Javier lost his beautiful wife Wanda to brain cancer in 2010 and now he is a strong voice in favor of natural and alternative medicine against cancer!

Javier is Married to Maria Jose and lives with his family in Rockville, MD.

Maria Jose Solis, COO


Maria-Jose-solisMaria Jose was born in El Sаlvаdor. She arrived to USA when she was 16 yrs oldwhere she fіnіshеd hіgh school. Maria Jose rеcеіvеd а Bachelor’s Dеgrее аs an Accountant from the University of Maryland while she worked as Staff Accountant/Exеcutіvе Assistant at Myеr-Emco, Inc. Her mаjor rеsponsіbіlіtіеs wеrе mаnаging pаyroll for 175 еmployееs, аccounts pаyаblе, аccounts rеcеіvаblеs, dаіly cаsh flows, bаnk rеconcіlіаtіon and deposits.

Yet the strongest single аspеct of Maria Jose is that her personal and professional development does not stop. She is currеntly еnrollеd аs а full-tіmе grаduаtе аccountаncy studеnt and very soon will be eligible to present the CPA exam in the states of Maryland and New York.

Maria Jose is also involved in several non-profit organizations. Maria Jose sits on the Board of Directors of the MD Hispanic Business Conference, where she was Chair person.

In 2007, Maria Jose joined the Los Taxes Network family as one of its pioneer Tax Center owners. Maria Jose had no prior experience in taxation and she increased her clientele database from no clients to close to 1,200 in her 3rd tax season! Los Taxes Network recognized Maria Jose’s aggressiveness and commitment to its national initiative, and proudly appointed her as its Chief Operations Officer.

In 20012, Maria Jose started Los Taxes Negocios, a national initiative focused on serving Latino entrepreneurs and business owners. Negocios provides business accounting services such as Incorporations, Corporate Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Sales Tax Preparation, Minority Certification, Non-For-Profit Certification, Business Strategic Planning and Audits. In just a few months, Negocios increased its business client database to 120 corporations.

Maria Jose is married to Javier and is the proud mother of Daniela, Clarissa and Miah. She resides with her family in Rockville, MD.


Rob Beeman, Director of Marketing and Business Development

Rob BeemanRob has a Diversified Background– with plenty of Hands on Experience! Emerging from his youth in the poverty stricken areas of the Northeastern United States, realizing early in life that nothing is for free and everything carries a price tag, he has labored vigorously to achieve his degree from the University of Hard Knocks, where he experienced firsthand what it takes to become successful in the world of business establishment and development, goal accomplishment, franchise operation, franchise sales, business opportunity sales, business marketing, real estate investment, property development and real estate finance.

He is known as an Innovator and Networker. Through his ability to network with others within the fields that he is active in, he has used his personality combined with his skills and experience to participate in approximately $18,000,000+ of real estate transactions and $8,000,000+ of business development transactions. He has combined those skills and experience with his passion for networking to successfully establish a network of business owners/managers, community leaders, investors and lenders that he uses both as a source for mentorship, as well as offering mentorship to those within his network.

He is an Active Member of the Community. With his desire to give back and help others progress, he has been able to help more than 100 families become home owners through his volunteered time and efforts as a committee member on The Family Selection Committee with Habitat for Humanity, and holds the Volunteer of the Year Award for his service there; through The Humanitarian Foundation Fund, he devotes in excess of 150 hours annually to the record keeping efforts of financial assistance supplied to humanitarian works in nations across the globe, keeping people in need fed, clothed, educated and medicated.

He is an Opportunist to Change. Through the lessons learned from previous ventures, combined with the attributes of being self driven, hard working and results oriented in his business life; and a loving father and devoted husband in his personal life; they have assisted in preparing him for the unforeseen future which lies ahead in this ever-changing world we live and work in. It is this trait that allows him to assist others within the Tax Center Network to adapt to the ever changing business climate that exists in today’s marketplace.

Being a Visionary for the Future he recognizes and fully understands the aggressive growth of the Latino population within the United States, and the need for services to the Latino community that will arise from this aggressive growth. The position of Director of Marketing and Business Development for Los Taxes allows him to focus on best servicing the financial and tax service needs of the Latino community as it continues to expand and re-shape our nation.