Why Choose Los Taxes

Los Taxes is a fast growing franchise of Tax Centers in the Mid-Atlantic region now moving into other states on the east coast

Firm Foundation

Founder & CEO Javier SolisJavier Solis, Los Taxes’ Founder & CEO has been a tax practitioner since 1990. In 2000, Javier opened his first Brooklyn office where he started with no clients or support. During those years, Javier developed an effective and aggressive marketing strategy, as well as an administrative structure that helped him bring his practice over 5,000 clients in 8 years and to the national level it is now. These Marketing and Administrative strategies combined with a state-of-the-art web management system are the key features available to all Los Taxes Tax Center Owners. In additional to numerous awards and recognition, Javier was the recipient of the 2014 Small Business Person of the Year award issued by the U.S. Small Business Administration Javier strongly believes that education and expert guidance are the keys to a productive and profitable tax preparation business.

Constant Support

One of the benefits of being a Los Taxes Tax Center Owner is the understanding that “you are not alone” in your business. From the initiation of your Tax Center business a team of professionals are standing by to offer support as needed in all areas of tax preparation:

Los Taxes Business Support Team

  • Marketing the business
  • Tax business operations
  • Compliance guideline adjustments
  • Brand exposure techniques
  • Initial training and ongoing education

This support extends beyond the Tax Center Owner and encompasses the tax preparation staff and/or administrative staff working for the Tax Center Owner.

Year-Round Training

Los Taxes Business Support Team stands ready to supply support and assistance to its Tax Center Owners both in tax season, and throughout the year.

Los Taxes Year-Round Training

  • State-of-the-art tax preparation software
  • Regularly scheduled webinars
  • Training sessions
  • Tax schools
  • Assistance with IRS registration and certification
  • Boot camps and workshops