Your Opportunity for Success

Build your dream business in a market that is rapidly growing and shows no sign of slowing.

Why the Tax Industry

As tax guidelines are continually being modified the need for the use of a Tax Professional increases. Quite simply, the Tax Industry is positioned for continued growth in years to come.

    • More than 240,000,000 individual tax returns are filed each year
    • 56% of individual tax returns filed are filed by paid preparers
    • More than 120,000,000 individual tax returns filed in a year receive tax refunds
    • The average individual tax refund received was $2,872.00
    • 27,900,000 individual returns received Earned Income Tax Credit
    • Individual Tax Return Filing is increasing by at least 1% per year

The Latino Market

Service the fastest growing population base in the country….the Latino population.

Latino Tax Market Graphic

In addition to the above statistics, there are also over 12 million undocumented Hispanics who will request the ITINs (Individual Tax Identification Number) and file income tax returns as a sign of good faith in furtherance of any future amnesty possibilities. These individuals comprise an untapped segment of the market thereby resulting in a tremendously profitable opportunity for a business catering to the Latino Community.

Why Franchises Systems Work

No one can guarantee success but when a franchise company supplies you with the tools and knowledge, all you need to do is follow the system.

  • Franchises provide a stable foundation and guidance:

    • Franchises are a proven business model.
    • They have established brand identity, effective marketing, and consumer research.
    • You will have access to business reports and key performance indicators.
    • As part of a franchise, you will have the experience and knowledge of the franchisor backing you up.
  • Successful Latina with Cash

As a Los Taxes Tax Center Owner you are part of a “family” of Tax Professionals who together serve the community with honesty and integrity, utilizing tools to operate their businesses within the ever-changing guidelines of the industry.